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What our patients say

  • “After one session with Dr. Rofagha, I am using my triceps more than I have in the last 10 years following my spinal cord injury. Physical therapy and occupational therapy worked at first but then became stagnant and I wanted more. This approach was very different than anything I had tried before. Dr. Rofagha is extremely knowledgeable about the body and how nerves connect to muscles. We decided to begin regaining my physical strength by reconnecting nerves in areas surrounding my triceps with the correct information. This is done through a variety of ways including relieving stress on the spinal cord with gentle pressure, Infrared Light Therapy, Vibration Therapy and other non-invasive techniques. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Rofagha and optimistic about my continuing progress.

    Richard Bell, DTLA, CA,

  • “I have had Parkinson’s for 10 years and have experienced the slow loss of mobility. With medication I have been able to mask the loss of mobility, but never improve it. After only a few sessions with Dr. Rofagha, I experienced immediate improvements in walking, sleeping and alertness throughout the day. This has allowed me to begin to reduce my medication while continuing to maintain an improved level of mobility.

    Silvio Quintas - Sierra Madre, CA,

  • I was at my wits end because the constant pain that traveled throughout my body for decades was becoming unbearable. I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for more than 20 years. During my first session with Dr. Rofagha, the intensity of the pain in my back went from a level seven to a three within 15 minutes. For the first time in years, I left a doctor’s office with less pain and more hope. I continue to be a patient and am always amazed at how much Dr. Rofagha is able to accomplish these gentle and non-invasive techniques that rehabilitate the nerves. Though, as with the very nature of Fibromyalgia, I always have pain throughout my body, I don’t have the persistent lower back pain I have endured for so many years. Dr. Rofagha is patient, takes her time and diligently works on my whole body to help alleviate the pain. She also offers practical advice on how to manage life with the pain is present...things as simple as changing the side of the bed I sleep on to how to lift my shirt over my head. While I do not live in Pasadena, it is so worth the twenty minutes for my daughter to drive me to Dr. Rofagha’s office each week. I am so appreciative of what Dr. Rofagha does for me and my quality of life. While I still have many health issues including Fibromyalgia, I definitely am more mobile and productive now, and most importantly, hopeful. I highly recommend Dr. Rofagha to everyone I know who is suffering from pain or know someone who is – and that’s just about everyone!  

    Karen Singer - Sherman Oaks, CA,

  • Phyllis Parker I had a stroke when I was 29 years old and now I am 72. As I grow older, problems are surfacing more and I suffer from chronic pain. I recently was referred to Dr. Rofagha by my sister-in-law after I hurt my back and could not get out of bed. It scared me. I slowly regained some strength and went to Dr. Rofagha’s office where she explained that she was trying to wake up the nerves in my body. As a doctor’s daughter, I was skeptical and had never been to a chiropractor before, let alone one who uses new non-invasive techniques. I had been to other doctors and physical therapy. I am a conservative pill-taker so I try to avoid my prescription pain medication and opt to take Alieve when needed. After my second session with Dr. Rofagha, I did not need any pain medication. Dr. Rofagha is so thorough and even offered lots of great and practical ideas including wearing better shoes and a shoe lift, because my legs are not equal in length. I am still not sure how she does it or how to explain what she does but I definitely feel better and some things have lasting results. It’s quite miraculous. I very much recommend Dr. Rofagha.

    Phyllis Parker - Glendale,

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Rofagha for one year now and continue to be amazed by the results. The work she does with nerve rehabilitation is miraculous and an important option for many people who do not want to have surgery or be on medication. I had been in an accident in 2005 which left me with a severe back injury and pain. I moved to Los Angeles in 2011 because I could no longer exercise, walk and keep up with the physical demands of living and working in New York. As a result of my back injury, I was still in constant pain, had trouble sleeping and had gained weight. By the time I went to Dr. Rofagha I had been to numerous doctors and specialists, first in New York and then in Los Angeles, who suggested surgery that would leave titanium bolts in my back or medication. I opted not to have surgery and tried physical therapy and medication but did not like the way it affected me. As a therapist who works with kids, I need to be coherent, so I decided to stop taking the medication as well. Thinking I would have to live with this pain for the rest of my life, I finally I went to Dr. Rofagha because I was desperate to find some relief. I was hesitant and skeptical as she touched the back of my head, lifted my leg and used some other non-invasive techniques on me. Dr. Rofagha is so thorough that she even noticed that I could not sit on one buttock due to the lower back pain, which I was not aware of. It worked! The pain went away. I don’t know how she does it. Now I have dropped the weight, can walk without pain, run and exercise again and don’t have trouble sleeping.

    Rebecca Gomez - South Pasadena,